Contributors to Amazon DynamoDB Labs

Launch team

  1. Sean Shriver (switch180) - Ported the whole lab to with a custom Hugo theme. Made the “bullet-proof” CloudFormation template for the lab. Updated the hands on lab to Python3
  2. Daniel Yoder (danielsyoder) - The brains behind and the co-creator of the design scenarios

2021 editors

A new section of labs was added in 2021 that are more focused on introductory and beginner material. The following individuals have contributed to those lab sections.

  1. Chad Tindel - (ctindel) - Created the CLI and Console Labs
  2. Dhiraj Thakur - (dhirajk1108) - Created the Backups lab

2020 editors

The following individuals put in hours of their time to revamp the guide to make it more instructional and less procedural in Spring 2020.

  1. Craig Liebendorfer - @DynamoDB - Primary technical editor who provided edits to the whole team to incorporate
  2. Prahlad Rao - (prahladmr)
  3. Navneet Deshmukh - (NavneetDeshmukh) - he edited two exercises!
  4. Pete Naylor - (driftdiver)
  5. Robert McCauley - (robm26)
  6. Zach Gardner - (zachgardner)
  7. Daniel Yoder - (danielsyoder)
  8. Sean Shriver - (switch180) - Edited and merged everyone else’s changes in addition to editing two sections on his own

Original version

This lab was built to run on Qwiklabs in 2018. In 2020 it was rewritten and updated to run outside Qwiklabs.

A special thanks goes to Regis Gimenis (regisgimenis) who is the original designer of the hands on workshop. He did one of the most difficult tasks - creating a lab from scratch. Remnants of Regis’ work are found throughout the Python files of the workshop and the lab guide. Without him, this site would not exist.