Advanced Design Patterns for Amazon DynamoDB

In this workshop, you review Amazon DynamoDB design patterns and best practices to build highly scalable applications that are optimized for performance and cost. This workshop implements these design patterns by using Python scripts. At the end of this workshop, you will have the knowledge to build and monitor DynamoDB applications that can grow to any size and scale.

Here’s what this workshop includes:

Target audience

This workshop is designed for developers, engineers, and database administrators who are involved in designing and maintaining DynamoDB applications.


Basic knowledge of AWS services

  • Among other services this lab will guide you through the use of AWS Systems Manager’s Session Manager and AWS Lambda

Basic understanding of DynamoDB

  • If you’re not familiar with DynamoDB or are not participating in this lab as part of an AWS event, consider reviewing the documentation on “What is Amazon DynamoDB?

Familiarity with Python/Boto3

  • You will be copying as pasting code so you can focus on learning about DynamoDB.
  • You will be able to review all code run during the exercises.

If you’re not part of an AWS event and you haven’t recently reviewed DynamoDB design concepts, we suggest you watch this video on Advanced Design Patterns for DynamoDB, which is about an hour in duration.