Step 2 - Load sample data into the table

Now that you have created the table, you can load some sample data into the table by running the following Python script.

cd /home/ec2-user/workshop
python logfile ./data/logfile_small1.csv

The parameters in the preceding command: 1) Table name = logfile 2) File name = logfile_small1.csv

The output will look like the following.

row: 100 in 0.780548095703125
row: 200 in 7.2669219970703125
row: 300 in 1.547729730606079
row: 400 in 3.9651060104370117
row: 500 in 3.98996901512146
RowCount: 500, Total seconds: 17.614499807357788

Curious behavior: You might wonder why one of the runs took more than five seconds. See the next step for the explanation.