Step 1 - Add a new global secondary index to the employees table

Add a new global secondary index that uses the is_manager attribute as the global secondary index partition key, which is stored under the attribute named GSI_2_PK. Employee job titles are stored under GSI_2_SK.

Run the following AWS CLI command.

aws dynamodb update-table --table-name employees \
--attribute-definitions AttributeName=GSI_2_PK,AttributeType=S AttributeName=GSI_2_SK,AttributeType=S \
--global-secondary-index-updates file://gsi_manager.json

Wait until the global secondary index has been created. This takes approximately 5 minutes.

Check output of the following command. If “IndexStatus”: is “CREATING” you will have to wait until “IndexStatus” is “ACTIVE” before continuing to the next step.

aws dynamodb describe-table --table-name employees --query "Table.GlobalSecondaryIndexes[].IndexStatus"

The output will initially look like the following.


You also can script the command to run every 2 seconds using watch.

# Watch checks every 2 seconds by default
watch -n 2 "aws dynamodb describe-table --table-name employees --query \"Table.GlobalSecondaryIndexes[].IndexStatus\""

Press Ctrl + C to end watch after the global secondary index has been created.

Wait until the new index is ACTIVE before proceeding.


Caution: Do not continue until the IndexStatus is ACTIVE on both indexes. Querying the index before it is ACTIVE will result in a failed query.