Summary & Conclusions


You finished both labs!

Clean up all resources

If you’re running this lab as part of an AWS event on an account we provided, no further action is needed. If you’re running this lab on your own, make sure to clean up any resources that were created by deleting the CloudFormation stack.


This workshop is based on a 2-part blog series on the AWS Database blog initially published in November 2021.

  1. Part 1: Build a near real-time data aggregation pipeline using a serverless, event-driven architecture
  2. Part 2: Build a fault-tolerant, serverless data aggregation pipeline with exactly-once processing

Blog Source

While this workshop is open-sourced, the blogs were released with a GitHub repository with much of the same code that you use in this workshop. The repo aws-serverless-realtime-aggregation is on GitHub.


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