Exercise Overview

In this module, you will create an environment to host the MySQL database on Amazon EC2. This instance will be used to host source database and simulate on-premise side of migration architecture. All the resources to configure source infrastructure are deployed via Amazon CloudFormation template. There are two CloudFormation templates used in this exercise which will deploy following resources.

CloudFormation MySQL Template Resources:

  • OnPrem VPC: Source VPC will represent an on-premise source environment in the N. Virginia region. This VPC will host source MySQL database on Amazon EC2
  • Amazon EC2 MySQL Database: Amazon EC2 Amazon Linux 2 AMI with MySQL installed and running
  • Load IMDb dataset: The template will create IMDb database on MySQL and load IMDb public dataset files into database. You can learn more about IMDb dataset inside Explore Source Model

CloudFormation DMS Instance Resources:

  • DMS VPC: Migration VPC on in the N. Virginia region. This VPC will host DMS replication instance.
  • Replication Instance: DMS Replication instance that will facilitate database migration from source MySQL server on EC2 to Amazon DynamoDB

Final Deployment Architecture