Environment Set up

Download this Cloud Formation Template to your local machine.

You’ll now create a stack in your AWS environment using this template. The deployed stack will contain the following.

  • 1 Public Subnet
  • 3 Private Subnets
  • AWS Cloud9 Envrionment deployed in the Public Subnet

Creating the Stack

Navigate to Cloud Formation console using your AWS management console. Choose Create Stack . If you have existing stacks, then select With new resources (standard) during this step.

On the Create stack page, choose Upload a template file option. Select Choose file and upload the .yaml file you downloaded earlier. Choose Next

AWS Cloud Formation Template 1

Give a name for the Stack and a ProjectTag. For this lab, we’ll use dynamodb-labs as the name and dynamodb-labs as the tag. dynamodb-labs is the default value for tag.

AWS Cloud Formation Template 2

Choose Next in the following screen and then choose Create Stack.

The stack will be created in few minutes and you can view the VPC, public and private subnet IDs under the Outputs tab of your stack. You’ll be using the VPC created by this Cloud Formation Template for the other sections of the lab.

AWS Cloud Formation Template 3