Bank Payments References

How to tackle this challenge

What are the access patterns?

The access patterns in the scenario are outlined as:

  1. Insert scheduled payments.
  2. Return scheduled payments by user for the next 90 days.
  3. Return payments across users for specific date by status (SCHEDULED or PENDING).

Identify possible partitions keys to fulfill the primary access pattern:

  • What item attribute (AccountID, ScheduledDate, Status, DataBlob) scales with access patterns?
  • What is a natural organization for the related payment items (so as to return collected items relative to the access patterns above)?
  • Consider the dimension of access: both reads and writes.

When determining how to organize items related to the primary access pattern:

  • What organization do items need to be written with to return items by user for a date range (sort by)?
  • What is the hierarchy of the relationships and when does it apply (most general to more specific)?

Fulfilling the third access patterns:

  • The third access pattern is OLTP and can be fulfilled directly on DynamoDB

Helpful references

Given the above, see below for some helpful references.